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an email from a MERCY member

Hari ni saya dapat satu emel dari seorang teman yang dimajukannya kepada saya. Bacalah jika anda berkesempatan.

From: ppim-net@yahoogroup [mailto:ppim- net@yahoogroups. com] On Behalf Of jeffrey HassanSent: 12 February 2009 09:53To: ppim-net@yahoogroup s.comSubject: [ppim-net] the shortest path to jannah

ASLM Dear friends,
It is now 4 days since we returned fromour trip to Gaza / Cairo . Have been awaiting my respectedelders/colleagues) to input first but since there appears noneforthcoming, I will write my thoughts and experience and humblyrequest them to correct or input as necessary. (Pleae note These aremy own personal views and do not represent any organisation includingMERCY Malaysia . Please forward with discretion )

We left on a MERCY Malaysia mission onthe 27th of January ( 8days after unilateral truce byIsrael ) after filling up our wills in sealed envelopes. Sent off byThe MERCY office team,Dr Faizal Perdaus (acting Prez MERCY) ourfamilies and Dr Musa (x prez PPIM). The team consisted of Prof HattaShahrom (x PPIM president), Dr Fauziah Hassan (O&G, APSH,xtreasurer,MERCY Malaysia ), Dr Norherah, (Family practitioner) , MsReem Bashir( a sudanese psychologist) . After a 12 hour flight, 2 hrsstop ( no deplane in mumbai) we arrived in Cairo at 5 am on the 28th.Immediate briefing and off we were to the Rafah border about 4 hrsaway except our driver got lost and we got a free tour of the sinaiand the Suez canal .

We finally reached the Rafah Egyptian border crossing at 430 pm. After 40 mins (which is like a record ,as most people who try to get into Gaza never manage to, and those who do wait hours to days on end, many leave for home with just having seen this border crossing.) we were through Egyptian Immigration.

We praise Allah for everything.We entered Gaza with the Azan of magribat abt 530pm with the MERCY logistics officer En Hapis. On hand to greet us were Dr Ikram (Anaes Lecturer CUCMS) and Dr Al Amin(SurgeonTawakal) who were the initial team in.(they had come in the day ofthe truce or just after). We proceeded to Palestinian immigration and were welcomed warmly. Prof Hatta even managed to get a soda from oneof the officers.

We then went to our lodgings and met the previous team under Dr Heng.,Drs Lai, Azlina, Asmarawati, Khairol, Shamsul.Dr Azhar Abdul Aziz (x VP MERCY )who had come with the Qatar team was also there. I had tried to meet himin Kl last summer but Allah planned for us to meet in war torn Gaza .We had been assigned to Nasserhospital,in Khan Younis, 20 mins north of Rafah, named after theEgytian prez who had funded it.

300 bed and handled 500 patients during the Israeli aggression. Some department good, most run down. Many equipment down as no spare parts allowed in and no maintenance. The only equipment working in physiotherapy was the manual one and one traction. The rest were all broken down. The ECG,EST machines etc were ancient. Dr Fauziah,Dr Norhera surved the OG department and other O&G hospitals and saw areas that needed improvement.

Prof Hatta and Ms Reem were taken on trips to asess the psychosocial needs of the Gazans.On the first day there was a drone attack in front of the hospital. Maybe 10-15 m from where I was doing my rounds. There was a loud bang, flames and massive smoke. 2 mujahidin on a motor bike had been targeted by the drone. Both survived alhamdulillah altho one had to go to Ot. 2 other passers by were also sent to OT.13 kids who were around had to be treated for shrapnel wounds.

Prof Hatta who had gone to A&E noted that thechildren were stoic and did not cry even though they were in obvious pain. Most treated as outpatients. This was during a supposed truce.Death is very near in Gaza .

We toured the areas of destruction and I found comparison with the Earthquake in Adapazari in Turkey where we had also been on a MERCY mission. Whole blocks were flattened. Olive groves were uprooted, schools, Universities, mosques were not spared. Parliament was destroyrd.Even UN schools,building were damaged.The Islamic Universtity of Gaza had two blocks that housed 75 labs totally destroyed. They had just acquired some DNA machines abt 3 million worth as they have quite bit of genetic disease inPalestine.These wrere destroyed.

The dean of Medicine was an old friend from my days in Dublin . Holds an Irish passport but when asked to evacute by the Irish ambasador in Tel Aviv he refused.Indeed we were told that when the borders were opened Gazans came back instead of leaving for Egypt ..

” This is our land, we were born here and we will die here was what they said.”

The mosques in front of Shifa hospital was just a pile of rubble with a fruit carton written on it masjid Shifa. The new wing of the hospital had also been hit. This hospital had been taking the brunt of the casualties. They have a collection of gruesome slides of the victims, killed, maimed, kids adults,women.. At the height of the conflict they were taking in 200 patients an hour.The homes of ordinary Gazans were also piles of rubble. Some had just been built. They had moved to relatives homes or had to erect temporrary was just the black plastic sheeting

It was winter and I was wrapped in 4 layers.I wonderd how they coped especially the kids. May Allah always protect them. Everywhere we went were greeted very warmly that we were feeling guilty. We would be served good food altho I dont believe they themselves were taking as good as they were serving their guests. This was true Muslim Arab hospitality. In severe adversity , guests were still treated well. May Allah increase His bounty on them.

We heard stories of the mujahideen and the help that Alllah had sent them. Malaikat had come and fought with them. One mujahid had been blown up to pieces and the only piece of him left had a beautiful aroma that was smelt by all the villager who had come. They would be hiding and waiting for the enemy for days surviving only on water and dates. Tanks would blow up and their explosives still be intact. A mujahid heard a voice telling him to wait in his hiding place till he had a chance to strike the enemy,which he did. The enemy claimed that they had fought with ghosts and with people in white uniforms. The mujahideen did not wear white uniforms. May Allah always be with the steadfast.

The thing that struck us most was their spirit. Indeed they were carrying on as normal a life as they could.As much as the enemy wanted them to surrender and cower they stood firm and fought. For 23 days they were bombarded from sea,land and air and they were steadfast. The craters made by F 16 bombs were nearly two storeys high! The enemy with 500 tanks could not enter the cities except fight at the peripheries. In the 6 day war(1967) 3 Arab nations were defeated in 6 days! We were told that there were even weddings during the onslaught. Children were playing football and were trying to go to school. May Allah continue to be with them.

We met amazing people. A lady we met told us that after the enemy had bombed the mosques her 14 year oldson would pray every prayer in the mosque for he wished to be syahid while worshipping Allah. She had told him that if he decided tobecome a mujahid himself he must tell her so as for her to make doa for him and not find out only when he was syahid. Prof Hatta/Ms Reemwere offered bowls of soup by a refugee grandma who had her grandson syahid. She was sitting amongst a pile of rubble that had been her abode. After relating her story to them and crying a minute she offered the little food she had to them. May Allah alleviatee all their suffering!

Everytime we asked “what can we do for you?” The answer would be;“Please do not stop making doa for us”. They did not ask for money or food or anything material only that we do not stop beseeching Allah to help them in their struggle against a merciless enemy.

We met with persons who told us “We promise you three things:-

1. We will defend this land
2. We will liberate this land
3. We will pray with you in Al Aqsa one day soon”

Medically the Drs are quite a lot. They however have not been able to leave Gaza for training and some of them had not been out for 10-12 years,.They thus need help in training. Equipment needs to be upgraded and new equipment added.InsyaAllah we have made these recommendations to MERCY Malaysia .There is also plan to build a rehab centre in south Gaza . There is a state of the art one in North Gaza that was damaged but still functioning. There is also plan to setup a MERCY Malaysia-Palestinep sychosocial centre.

We were supposed to stay till the 4th February but were asked to evacuate as there was worry about increased bombings.There had been one near our lodgings the day after we arrived. On midnite of the 1st we received sms andcalls from the embassy,and MERCY base camp Cairo for us to evacuate asap. We heard six bombs dropped by F16s near the house and the house shuddered with the explosions. We moved to the ground floor and evacuated the next day back to cairo .

We had few more meetings to attend and a few more things to do but fate was such that we had to leave. We could leave when things got hot but the Gazans cannot. As Mr Ging ,UN officer in Gaza said , “There is no safe place in Gaza ”.Indeed, Death is close in Gaza or this is the shortest path to Jannah.

I wish to record my gratitude to
1. Our understanding families who had understood the need for us to go
2. MERCY Malaysia for providing the opportunity
3. The MERCY team in Cairo
4. The Malaysia Embassy in Cairo who had been amazingly helpful in facilitating our entry into Gaza especially En Fauzi
5. My extraordinary teammates, May Allah bless them all. Wassallam and May Allah protect all those in Gaza ,

[Non-text portions of this message have been removedesempatan.

Friday, February 13, 2009

KBM akan datang lagi ke SDARY

Insyaallah, KBM akan datang lagi ke sekolah cikgu pada 21-22 Mac bagi SPM dan 11-12 APril bagi PMR. Mudah2an penglibatan pada tahun ini lebih meriah, rancak, cemerlang dan berjaya sepenuhnya.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Weight Loss Diet Program

Want to lose weight? Let's try this program, siapa tahu ia menjadi....

Use :
1. Canola oil or olive oil
2. Basmati rice or ponni rice

If you want to...,
Eat Chocolate ? - Take dark chocolate.
Drink or eat at mamak stall, order? Then you can drink JUICE, COFFEE, TEA, LEMON TEA
(No added sugar)
You can eat capati, tosai, roti naan (without cheese)

AVOID : Simple sugar, oil, carbs, soft drinks, ice cubes.
NEED : High protein, At least 7 cups of water, Vitamin, Vegetable

Before workout (25-30 minutes before) --> Drink coffee (strong black coffee, no added sugar)

During workout (after warm-up @ cool down) --> drink cold water
After workout --> drink whey protein

Meal 1
1 glass orange juice (no sugar)
3 egg white
1 bowl oat or nestum or 1 bowl cereal + nut or raisin or fruits
1 glass skim milk

Snack 1
4 slices biscuits
1 cup coffee or green tea (no sugar)

Meal 2

Chicken, fish, vege
1 bottle mineral water

Snack 2
Fruits or salad
1 bottle yogurt drinks(250 ml)

Meal 3
Soup (vege @ pasta @ noodle)
2 egg white
chicken (without skin) grill or steam
Lime juice (no sugar)

Snack 3
Nuts (almond) and raisin
or prune

Jomlah kita sama2 mencuba. Semoga menjadi, badan sihat dan cergas selalu.


Sesekali kalau rumah didatangi orang terasa sungguh meriahnya. Hari ini rumah cikgu dikunjungi ramai tetamu. Tengah hari tadi ayah saudara (sepupu aruah mak) cikgu datang. Anak2 cikgu panggil dia 'Tok Rugged'. Orangnya, simple dan santai, kemana-mana hanya dengan berjalan kaki dan menaiki bas. Macam2 petua dia beri anak2.

Sebelum azan asar dia dah balik, berjalan kaki untuk naik bas agaknya. Mudah2an waktu azan tadi dia dah sampai masjid Perling dan solat di sana.

Beberapa minit lepas tu datang pula adik beradik cikgu. 3 keluarga, Mak Busu dari BP, Mak Alang dari Sagil, Muar dan Mak Andak dari Segamat. Cikgu goreng nugged ayam Ramli, goreng dua biji pisang tanduk dan juga keropok Mersing. Seronok sungguh riuh rendah rumah dengan pelbagai cerita dan berita.

Seperti yang dinyatakan dalam buku Zabrina A. Bakar, Life is an Open Secret (The Story of the Two Brothers), 'Families are like fudge -mostly sweet with a few nuts'. Siapa belum beli buku ni, beli lah. Best. Antara hadith yang dikeluarkan, riwayat al Bukhari, " Al - Wasil (one who maintains good relation with his kinship) is not the one who recompenses the good done to him by his relatives, but Al Wasil is the one who keeps good relations with those relatives who have severed the bond of kinship with him"

Jomlah, berziarah dan menjalinkan hubungan baik sesama adik beradik. Terkenang cikgu zaman kecik2 dulu, dia orang lah kawan cikgu bermain 'ram rip', 'belon lacah' dan 'ting-ting'. Ada hari kami baik, ada hari bergaduh. macam tu lah ramuan hidup adik beradik di adun dengan gaduh2 kecik dan kasih sayang yang berpanjangan. Terima kasih Allah kerana kurniai cikgu dengan keluarga yang besar.

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