Sunday, February 8, 2009

Weight Loss Diet Program

Want to lose weight? Let's try this program, siapa tahu ia menjadi....

Use :
1. Canola oil or olive oil
2. Basmati rice or ponni rice

If you want to...,
Eat Chocolate ? - Take dark chocolate.
Drink or eat at mamak stall, order? Then you can drink JUICE, COFFEE, TEA, LEMON TEA
(No added sugar)
You can eat capati, tosai, roti naan (without cheese)

AVOID : Simple sugar, oil, carbs, soft drinks, ice cubes.
NEED : High protein, At least 7 cups of water, Vitamin, Vegetable

Before workout (25-30 minutes before) --> Drink coffee (strong black coffee, no added sugar)

During workout (after warm-up @ cool down) --> drink cold water
After workout --> drink whey protein

Meal 1
1 glass orange juice (no sugar)
3 egg white
1 bowl oat or nestum or 1 bowl cereal + nut or raisin or fruits
1 glass skim milk

Snack 1
4 slices biscuits
1 cup coffee or green tea (no sugar)

Meal 2

Chicken, fish, vege
1 bottle mineral water

Snack 2
Fruits or salad
1 bottle yogurt drinks(250 ml)

Meal 3
Soup (vege @ pasta @ noodle)
2 egg white
chicken (without skin) grill or steam
Lime juice (no sugar)

Snack 3
Nuts (almond) and raisin
or prune

Jomlah kita sama2 mencuba. Semoga menjadi, badan sihat dan cergas selalu.

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